President Obama’s Immigration Executive Order: Deferred Action and Changes to the Current Immigration Law

On November 20, 2014, President Obama took executive action in an attempt to help some of those suffering because of the United States’ broken immigration system. Although the details and extent of this executive order will be clarified before it takes effect early next year, the president’s plan essentially has three components. Protection for Parents of U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents First, pursuant to Read More →

Seeking a Marriage Visa in the USA

Those who are U.S. citizens and who are married to foreign spouses can seek a marriage visa in the USA. For those who are not married but are engaged, a fiancée visa is also an option. If you’re attempting to obtain a marriage visa, a Fort Lauderdale immigration attorney can help. What is an immigrant visa for a spouse?  A marriage visa is intended for Read More →

How Criminal Background Checks Work for Ft. Lauderdale Immigrants

For those who are filing for naturalization, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires a background check. If you’re filing for naturalization, here’s what you need to know about how criminal background checks work and how they are carried out. Collecting Fingerprints  The first step of having a background check performed is collecting fingerprint information. The exception to this is if the applicant Read More →

Election Day Came and Went – The Future of Immigration Reform

The results of the latest midterm elections have many wondering about the future of immigration reform, especially as Republicans kept control of the House and gained control of the Senate. After the election, President Obama announced that he still plans to use executive action on immigration. The executive order, he said, would occur by the end of 2014. Obama’s Promises for Executive Action on Immigration  Read More →

How to Remove Conditions from a Green Card for Ft. Lauderdale Immigrants

For those living in Ft. Lauderdale with a conditional green card, understanding how to remove conditions from a green card is an important step. If you are a current green card holder, here’s what you need to know about green card conditions and how to remove them. What are conditions on a green card?  When a green card is issued, it may be issued as Read More →

Advance Parole Travel Document for Ft. Lauderdale Immigrants

Those who are not citizens of the United States must file for an advanced parole travel document before leaving and legally reenter the U.S. If you are not a citizen of the United States, but plan to temporarily leave the country and travel to another country, obtaining an Advance Parole travel document is a must. What is an Advance Parole travel document? An Advance Parole Read More →

Security Tightens for Visa Waiver Program in USA

The Visa Waiver Program in the USA provides residents from certain countries the option of traveling to the United States for business or tourism purposes for up to 90 days without having to obtain a visa. With new fears about potential terrorism threats, though, the federal government is tightening regulations regarding the authorization process for those who qualify for the Visa Waiver Program. Security Tightens, Read More →

Ft. Lauderdale Man Charged for Feeding the Homeless

While it might sound unbelievable, it’s true: a commission in Ft. Lauderdale has passed a series of laws placing restrictions on when and where charitable groups can offer food to the homeless. One of the restrictions stipulates that charity groups would have to provide portable toilets for those being fed and those handing out food at outdoor events. One organization that has been particularly affected Read More →

Green Card Lottery: The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program

Each year, the United States Diversity Immigrant Visa program, also known as the Green Card Lottery, makes 50,000 permanent resident visas available for certain immigrants referred to as “diversity immigrants.” Diversity immigrants are natives of countries that have low rates of immigration to the United States. The Green Card Lottery The DOS distributes DVs on a regional basis (there are six regions), and no single Read More →

Arrests as Modern-Day School Discipline for Students in Ft. Lauderdale

During the past 15 years, schools have been tightening their reigns and enforcing no-tolerance policies for misbehaviors. Whereas in years past, school discipline involved kids being sent to the principal or assigned detention for wrongdoing, some are now likely to be put in handcuffs. Have they taken it too far? Types of Crimes for Which Students Get Arrested True crimes – particularly violence- or drug-related Read More →

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